Join #TEAMDTL - Awesome College Ambassadors!

Do you love hanging out with friends? Lunch? Chilling? Wanna join the best team ever at an incredibly fast growing startup, changing how people hang/lunch/chill? Basically - are you down to be the most amazing campus college ambassador the world has ever seen?!

If so, let's hang!! Down to Lunch (DTL) is used and loved at thousands of colleges and high schools around the country, featured in the New York Times and front page of Yahoo, and hit the top of the app store (#1 in Social! #2 Overall!). We LOVE helping people hang out with their friends, and we want you to join the fam!

What will you get out of being an Ambassador?

* Get in on the ground floor of an incredibly fast growing Silicon Valley startup! Join to be a key member of the DTL fam, get an awesome resume builder and learn about all the behind-the-scenes of a hot startup!

* Get a direct line to DTL HQ in San Francisco! You’ll get first priority to try out new features on our super limited beta version list & your feedback will shape the product!

* Get sweet DTL swag for racking up points completing weekly challenges! Past prizes have included GoPros, giftcards, DTL tshirts and more - the swag opportunities are endless and can be designed by YOU!

* Be known on campus for bringing cool events, swag, and special DTL opportunities to your school!

What Does a College Ambassador Do?

* Join our nationwide community of ambassadors to meet cool people and engage with each other on creative & fun weekly challenges (learn real life business and marketing skills!) to rep the DTL life.

* Help spread the DTL love and get all your friends/entire college campus/world on the app, any way you can think up!

* Rep DTL swag around campus, shoot awesome photos and videos, and even throw awesome events on campus!

People we’re looking for:

* Social, fun, motivated, creative people who love Down to Lunch, college, and are down to rep DTL to everyone they know!

* We’re reviewing applications for the semester for August and September, and will be getting back to applicants for the next round by September 1st!

* Ambassador position is for August/September-December (or whenever your college fall session starts).

What's your first and last name?

Yo' digits - so we can get in touch with you! e.g. 555-555-5555

What's your Facebook profile?

Share your social media presence with us! Public Instagram account, Twitter handle, Snapchat score, and anything else you think we should see!

What organizations/activities are you involved with on campus?

social clubs, sports, Greek life, professional societies
Which college do you go to, and what's your graduating year?

If there are multiple campuses/you are doing a dual program or anything special, just let us know! If you're not in a college, let us know too and we can figure it out.
Why do you want to be a DTL College Ambassador?

What are your favorite events/places to go on your campus? What makes your campus awesome?

If there's an event/party/activities fair DTL should be at, we wanna know!
How will you make sure everyone on your campus knows about DTL by the end of the semester?

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